NW Beverages is a major importer and supplier of disposable paper drink trays across South Africa. These traditional “egg shell” paper pulp drink carriers are constructed from wood fibre pulp and available in both 2 cup carrier trays and 4 cup carrier trays – perfectly created for the takeaway coffee and smoothie industries.

Recyclable Disposable Paper Drink Trays

These disposable paper drink trays are anti static, stackable, economical, strong, efficient and easy to carry making them perfectly practical to use, especially when placing big coffee or smoothie orders. These trays are also designed to absorb any potential leaks as it is made from moulded wood fibre pulp and is 100% recyclable.

Get in touch for all takeaway beverage needs

Regardless whether you are working in a large restaurant or small smoothie or coffee stand, contact NW Beverages if you are searching for a smoothie or coffee cup, sleeves and tray supplier. We can provide you and your business with both paper cups and PET plastic cups that will help build on your companies success. Also, chat to us regarding any kind of disposable wear you may need for your restaurant.

disposable paper drink trays

We Offer:

  • 2 Cup Drink Trays
  • 4 Cup Drink Trays